Flame Loses His Mother

Flame Loses His Mother

Flame Loses His Mother. Flame has taken to his socials to announce the death of his beloved mother, who passed away recently, as no particular date was revealed as the day that she passed on.

Last two weeks, Flame took to his socials to share the beautiful text message his mother sent to him, a text where she thanked him for having been taking good care of her.

In the text message, she praised him for always knowing how to get himself centered and recalled how he would gently send other kids away when he was not in the mood to play.

She thanked him for taking care of her, his son and his siblings, stating that a lot of celebrities turn their backs on their families once they feel that they have passed their level.

She praised him for not being stingy, even though he has very little to share. Peep her exact words and text below;

“Thank you so much my baby, for taking good care of me, your siblings and your son. Others turn their backs, they see their families are no longer in their level. With little that you have, you don’t forget to share. May God prosper you beyond your expectation! Love you son!”

Flame Loses His Mother

Today makes it two weeks after he shared his mother’s messages to him. Was she indirectly saying goodbye? No one knows.

The artiste did not reveal the cause of her death. Peep what he wrote below.

May her soul rest in peace.

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