AKA Tests Positive To Coronavirus

AKA Tests Positive To Coronavirus

AKA has tested positive to the deadly Coronavirus, according to reports. The SA hip hop star took to his socials to announce the bad news.

Recently, AKA have been sharing cautious measures and advising his fans and family to adhere to every rule on how to prevent them from contacting the virus.

Since the outbreak of this virus in South Africa and the world, a lot has changed, including human interactions and activities.

Sharing the news on his socials, he advised everyone to stay safe. Peep his confirmation of the news below;

So, after he made this revelation, some people stated that it was a lie and a ploy for AKA to create more awareness for Coronavirus. Some of them even stated that the SA Government, are using celebrities, to share spread a propaganda.

One of his followers, stated that, whether it is a paid propaganda or not, that the ignorant ones end up getting sick as a lot of people that they know are falling sick, and that people need to stop reading too much meanings into things that they are supposed to be cautious about.

“Paid or not, fact is Corona is there and people are dying. Worst part some are still ignorant hence they end up sick. People we know are testing positive these days, are they also paid? Stop reading too much into things, we know y’all are smart but this is not the time. Stay safe”

It was also revealed that the rapper will be sharing his recovery journey.

We wish him a quick recovery.

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