A-Reece Paradise II Album To Drop Soon

A-Reece Paradise II Album To Drop Soon

A-Reece Paradise II Album will be released soon, according to the rapper. The young rapper announced the coming of the album in January, asking his fans to get ready for it.

The Gauteng born rapper has been through ups and downs since the year began, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year, an album which was bearing A-reece’s name was dropped and it was titled “Sotho Man With Some Power”, and this angered his musical counterpart, Nasty C, who angrily called him out on Twitter, and later on deleted the tweet, though a screenshot of it was captured.

Nasty C’s anger was because he had announced the coming of his album “Zulu Man With Some Power”, and what he saw next was a new album with a name similar to his.

Well, it’s normal to be angry. I mean, who would not be? Especially coupled with the fact that a lot of people have been comparing both artists, and some of their fans see each other as rivals lol.

Immediately after the album was dropped, A-reece’s management released a press statement, which stated that the rapper had nothing to do with the “Sotho Man With Some Power” album.

It probably meant that someone dropped the album in his name, so as to try and put enemity between the two artists. Well, that is by the way.

Our baby boy, A-reece announced that the release of his most anticipated album “Paradise II” is near.

A-Reece Paradise II Album To Drop Soon

Therefore, brace up guys. A-reece never disappoints.

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