2020 South African Hip Hop Download | Top List

2020 South African Hip Hop Download | Top List

2020 South African Hip Hop Download. The year 2020 has been a really good and rough ride for a lot of SA Hip Hop artistes.

This year started all good, with almost everyone making new year resolutions, setting goals and how to achieve them before the year runs out, and South African Hip Hop artistes are among these people.

But, eventually, as we neared the ending of January, news spread throughout Africa about a new virus which was spreading like a wild fire all through the United States, Italy and China.

By the time we got to February, and March, Coronavirus was almost everywhere, and all the world leaders were doing everything in their power, to protect their citizens.

The spread of the virus caused a halt in a lot of activities, airports and borders were closed, every form of public gathering was banned, some markets were closed, and so many more that has happened and is still happening.

All through the stages of these Coronavirus brouhaha, some entertainers did not give up entertaining their fans, most of the South African Hiphop artistes started live concerts on social media platform just to keep their fans entertained. Is that not beautiful?

Imagine a situation where you have to stay in one position, for months. As days passed by, some artistes like Tshego, started talking about being depressed because he misses seeing his fans.

Some artistes have been creating beautiful songs, some have even dropped albums and are still preparing to drop more.

Artistes like Nasty C, Emtee, Shane Eagle, Costa Titch, Ricky Rick and many others, started having ‘Lock Down Live Sessions’, to interact with fans.

Some of these artistes have also made major achievements during this lock down, the likes of Emtee, Boity, Costa Titch and Shane Eagle.

Well, let us get to the reason we are bringing you this article. This is about 2020 South African Hip Hop Download, the top trending SA Hip hop musics of 2020.

Peep them below

1. Nasty C – Last year, the Sa hip hop legend announced the coming of his album “Zulu Man With Some Power”, but as 2020 went by he dropped an EP titled “Lost Files”, before he announced his feature in Netflix South Africa’s new series “Blood and Water”. Below are Nasty C’s top songs 2020

  1. Lost Files (Album)
  2. Dunno featuring Stogie T
  3. Zulu (Album)
  4. Poetry featuring T.I and DJ Whookid
  5. Eazy
  6. They Don’t featuring T.I
  7. I need you featuring Rowlene
  8. OG Dee
  9. Zulu Rap Style and many others

2. Cassper Nyovest – Recently, this bad ass rapper announced the upcoming release of his album titled “AMN” (Any Minute Now”, while a he announced the birth of his son. He also dropped a badass jam titled “Amademoni” and “Good For That” in February, and this songs are still making waves until now. Below are Cassper’s Top songs 2020

  1. Good For That
  2. Amademoni
  3. eWallet featured by Kiddominant

3. A-reece – This baby boy right here have not been idle. He has been doing his best to keep his fans entertained while minding his business, since the Coronavirus brouhaha started. Reece has dropped two albums since the year began and have been featuring in songs too. Peep A-reece’s top songs 2020 below

  1. Long Lost Words (L3) featuring Wordz and Ecco (Album)
  2. Sotho Man With Some Power (Album)
  3. Feelings
  4. One Life
  5. Starlights
  6. Free Me To You Only (Album)

4. The Big Hash – The young badass rapper announced has been through ups and downs this year. Last month, he announced that he lost the files he had prepared for his album, and later on revealed that he will be dropping two albums in one, one hip hop and one R&B. Below are Young Biggy’s top songs 2020

  1. Sad Summer
  2. How To Kill A Dead Body featuring Flame
  3. Life + Times (Album)

5. Shane Eagle – The rapper is currently dropped his song “The Dark Moon Flower” which is available on all music platforms. Below are his top songs 2020

  1. “Dark Moon Flower”
  2. Paris
  3. Fears and Demons
  4. Freestyle

6. Boity – This SA hip hop artiste was recently signed to Defjam Africa, one of Africa’s biggest record labels. She have been pretty busy too. Below are Boity’s top musics 2020;

  1. Satan O Wele
  2. Bakae
  3. Own Your Throne
  4. Snippet

7. Zoocci Coke Dope – The SA hip hop artiste performed several live sessions for his fans too and is being praised by many. Check out Zoocci’s top songs 2020 below;

  1. The Originalz
  2. Anxiety (Album)
  3. Current State of Mind

8. Emtee – I guess Emtee and Nasty C are currently the most featured SA hip hop artistes 2020, because you would hear them on almost every song. Emtee have been going through a lot since the past few weeks, but that did not stop him from announcing the release of his own shoe brand “Emtee”. Peep the baby boy’s top songs 2020 below;

  1. Johustlebourg
  2. Snippet featuring Gwamba
  3. Brand New Day
  4. Logan (Unreleased Album)
  5. My People
  6. Hlasela featuring Nasty C, Riky Rick, Gigi Lamayne, Reason and Sjava

9. Chad Da Don – Chad Da Don is one of the SA Hip hop artistes making waves this year. Recently, the rapper announced that his new album will be released in October, and we are anticipating. Below are his top songs 2020

  1. Korobela
  2. Korobela (Remix)
  3. Thula

10. Willy Cardiac – From going viral after the release of his hot jams “Blicky” and “Maniac Lullaby featuring the Big Hash”, the youngest SA hip hop artiste announced his song release with America’s hip hop artiste and producer, Eric Bellinger. Peep Willy’s top 2020 songs below;

  1. Blicky
  2. Maniac Lullaby
  3. Fan of Me

These are the top SA hip hop songs 2020 and they can all be gotten from all the digital platforms like itunes, audiomack and others.

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